Down in oncology

optimism wall
Bede was readmitted to hospital on Wednesday night. One of his surgery wounds has become infected which is dangerous because it leads to the shunt which leads to his brain. Although it is not at a serious level yet and they are getting on top of it with IV antibiotics.

So the good news is that as of this afternoon we are finally down in oncology which is much better for Bede and much more relaxed for us.

Along one of the corridors here the wall is lined with paper for people to write positive thoughts or good things that have happened during the day. The above picture is what our doctor wrote. I quite like it.

Chemotherapy was due to start on Friday next week but has been pushed back.
He is also due to have another surgery to install the line the chemo will be administered with and a lumbar puncture.

He has had a small bleed within his tumour but they are not too worried about it at the moment.

Bede retains his gentle peace and soulfulness despite how tired and worn he is this admission. We have had some smiles. He is definitely exhausted and I think working hard at fighting the (albeit mild) infection but his light is undimmed.

WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO we are now at the heaviest Bede has ever weighed! He is basically obese! Well not quite but working hard at building some reserves to go into this fight with.

6 thoughts on “Down in oncology

  1. So glad to hear you’ve been moved to what seems like a more positive and comfortable ward. Bede will kick this infections a$$ which will be making cancer very nervousa because they are next.
    Love you all so much,

  2. Sending all our love and strength to the whole family. Bede is a tough little bugger and will fight this head on. You have so much support behind you xxx

  3. I know of Bede,through my daughter,reading the blog,this little Angel,is a darling,and yes I am praying for Bede,and his parents,so before too long,you ll be able to pick him up,and take him Home,So Pls Sweet Lord,take care of Bede,make him Well soon,Let this Fight Of Cancer,be removed from this Precious Child,Make Him Healthy,His Parents Need Him Home With Them,Plsssss God Save Him I Ask Of You Thank YOU Lord xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I’ve known of little Bede since his first day, through my daughter Christie Ollier. Bede is a tower of strength, love and optimism through such a tough trial. Little man Bede, you are our much loved and very famous bub:) My prayers are for your good health and happy home coming to your family. xox

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