Our little lighthouse.

Yet another frustrating, dismissive and generally difficult stay at the hospital.

Bede shines on.
He is impressive and beautiful and undefeated.
He lights the way.



13 thoughts on “Our little lighthouse.

  1. Thinking of you heaps and Bede is like that light globe in an American firehouse it’s been shining for like a hundred years and nobody has ever changed the globe.
    And if that story isn’t true it isn’t my fault because Roy told me it : D

  2. He is such a special and lovely boy. May god bless you .can’t wait to see you and Gus making mess around the house :(Xx.

  3. Whenever we see that gorgeous smiling little face we can’t help but smile back.
    Guys, keep doing whatever you are doing to put that little smile/laugh on Bede’s face, it works for all of us, a definite highlight of the day!

  4. He is such a gorgeous little boy and so blessed to have an amazing family fighting along side him.

    please feel some comfort from the fact that you and Roy are loved by so many people.

    Stay strong Is.

  5. god created everything
    butterflies and birds that sing
    the sun and stars and sky of blue
    but best of all
    created you
    keep on glowing little lighthouse xx

  6. You don’t know me, but I am a friend of Maree Savage. I know and feel your pain, life definitely hurts and I pray that you gain strength and courage from all the love and support, you are receiving from everyone. Such a lovely boy. You are in my prayers

  7. Thank you with all my heart, I too fell in love with you angel, your mummy, daddy and big brother are very lucky to have met such a powerful being of light. Shine on forever and show the rest of us the way.

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