Sharing The Win

We have been here at the hospital for two weeks now.


Today Bede had surgery. Last week Bede’s permanent line fell out so today it was replaced with an infuser port. He came through this surgery much better than his last.

coming out of surgery

He is continuing to slowly wake up from the drug induced fog. Perhaps a little slower than I anticipated in my last post but today is our best day yet. That is pretty incredible given he has just had surgery and all that he has been through over the last few weeks.

He is more awake and enjoying playing with his soft bunny.

As I write this Bede’s Dad is whispering to him how proud he is of him. The lights are dimmed. Soothing music is playing. The love that radiates from Bede fortifies us all. Through it all the soft and gentle beauty that is essentially Bede is unmoving. Who he is glimmers through the fog.

Hope for a better day swells within me and I am thankful for all your love. Be reassured that he is doing amazingly well.

How well he has come through this surgery definitely counts as a win.

14 thoughts on “Sharing The Win

  1. So wonderful to read this Isabelle, Bede is an amazing little one. I can feel in your words how positive you are feeling and that makes me feel really happy for you. Take Care Fee xx

  2. I am constantly amazed at how present Bede is and how much he is part of our world, you can really feel the love in him and as I have said before ………..
    I would walk a million miles for one of those smiles……………

  3. God bless your family. We are praying for you all. Keep fighting the good fight. Love Rob, Kate, Jess, Glenn and Flynn and Ash. NSW

  4. Well done Bede we’re all fighting with you and sending you all our love strength and prayers to come through and beat this. All our love to you and your incredible mummy and daddy xxxxx

  5. Hi Guys that’s great news and you’re so right about his great smile beaming through the swelling. In my prayers and thought as always


  6. Keep fighting baby Bede……….all our love, positive thoughts and prayers are with you and your familyxx Glynn and Gary Thomas

  7. Team Bede,
    Not a day passes without my most passionate best wishes beaming silently to you all. Your unity and strength is astounding and Bede undoubtedly feels every ounce of it.
    Michelle Toye

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