It’s clear! It’s clear!

A quick message to let you in on some wonderful news.

Preliminary reports say the brain fluid test has come back clear and Bede has kicked meningitis’ ass. The first look at the fluid under the Microscope shows no bacteria. They will still try and grow some but considering it didn’t grow in the beginning it would be highly unlikely for that to happen now. It looks like we’re in the clear.

To say we are elated is an understatement. G is so proud of his brother as are we. We are absolutely awash with relief. This was one of our biggest challenges yet and Bede has faced it down as usual. We love him so much and are so very very proud of him. We’re excited and happy and thankful. Thank you for your love and prayers and support.

We managed to escape for the weekend down to the farm and it was lovely. It was wonderful to see the boys hang out together like brothers. G insisted on sitting right next to Bede for the drive and Bede spent the weekend reaching out to G. It has been amazing watching him actively enjoy his brother’s company.

Bede was so relaxed and would spend hours flaked out in front of the fire but was also having a lot of awake and engaged time, a lot. He spent much time in the sunshine with the breeze on his face at local wineries and in the garden.  He was blissed out in his first spa.

I think the greatest joy was just enjoying a family dynamic.

We are in awe of our little man and the infectious strength and happiness that wells from deep within him.

I would love to update you more comprehensively on how Bede’s little soul is weathering (robustly, happily, positively, calmly, collectedly) but I am exhausted and chemo starts tomorrow. For now I am going to crawl into bed with Bede and drink in every moment. Here are a few photos of the hundreds we took and just the first I have come across at this late hour.

I hope this post delivers Bede’s supporters a little of his joy and sunshine.

I remain humbled by your love and prayers and truly believe they are carrying Bede through these challenges.

Tonight my heart, naively, dares hope for a miracle.

flaked out by the fire

flaked out by the fire

still flaked out by the fire

still flaked out by the fire

brothers at bunker bay

brothers at bunker bay

worlds best brothers

cider in the sun and teething all over again!

cider in the sun and teething all over again!

“hmmm not too sure about this”

Good night cuddles by the fire

Good night cuddles by the fire


Is  xx

24 thoughts on “It’s clear! It’s clear!

  1. Was thinking of you all over the weekend. Photos show so much love, hope and happiness! Prayers will continue for Bede today. Much love xxx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Hi from Marg Monaghan in Melbourne …. Your families love is so infectious, Great photos, prayers and joy to you all. Go Go Go Bede xxxxxxx

  3. Issy, Whohooooooooooo!! So happy to read this post this morning. Bede once again you have your parents proud. Your a .You are one amazing little man, prayer love and positive thoughts coming your way. Keep strong during this chemo round . xx

  4. I wish you and your family all of the joy that this world can possibly grant you. Your family’s strength is humbling and as a father my heart wishes all of the positivity it can muster for the little man.

    Fight on little dude.


  5. Yay darch’s!!!!!! Such good news! I hope you got the ULTIMATE victory dance out of G!! Hehe love love love you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • That would have been awesome mol but we told him on the way down south.
      You know the boys usually each sit by a window but G insisted on sitting in the middle seat right next to B all the way down south. He was holding his hand, playing with him and said how proud he was. Then gorged on celebratory lollies… an essential for a driving ‘holiday’. xx

  6. What beautiful photos, that show so much love and strength.
    Bede, is truly an amazing little boy and miracles are amazing too!
    Our hope and prayers for Bede and his miracle continue every day.
    Love to you all and God Bless.

  7. What an amazing little boy, well done Bede!!! So happy for you and your family Is, lovely to see you get away down south together and enjoy each other’s company; your little boys are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 Little Bede is always in my prayers and my thoughts.. thinking of you, lots of love from Lucy xoxoxox

  8. So very thrilled to read Bede is kicking butt yahhh go Bede❤❤❤❤ I’m so happy u got to have some wonderful family time away.
    Sending love, hugs and prayers xxxx

  9. I am completely thrilled to read your blog tonight, Issy. What wonderful news – and what a beautiful, uplifting and joyous time away for your lovely family. Bede is absolutely gorgeous – and so incredibly strong yet placid, gentle and such a sweet little smiler! He has the most amazing capacity for love, joy and happiness despite all the adversity he experiences. He teaches us all about grace, inner strength, the ability to keep on smiling regardless, the ability to find joy and pleasure and wonder in the simplest of things….! Much love, prayers, hope and positive thoughts for all of you. xxx

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