moving mountains

beautiful bede laughing

I know it’s been a while. We have been busy living the highs and the lows and basking in Bede’s persistent glow. He has been growing, nourished by our deep love and with an easy happiness that comes from being in your context.

Over the last couple of months we have had some beautiful times spent in the glowing sunshine, laughter wafting through the coastal air, sipping strawberry lemonade, feeding dolphins, dozing in the gentle southern sun and snuggling into the comfort of home. Wishes have been busy coming true. We have also had some extremely difficult times, especially over the last 3 weeks as I held his lifeless body to my own watching his heart rate drop and calling for help.

I have been putting off posting until I had the space to give the joy all the room it deserves and I do not have that in this moment. Bede is busy and so then are we as he makes his latest come back. I suppose I have also been putting off posting until I really knew what Bede wanted. From the lifeless boy we worried for to spending hours laughing last night he has shown us. He is fighting. He is undeterred. He is resolute. He wants life and all the wonder that holds and he is fighting for it.

Bede’s resolve is uncompromised, hope pours from him, his eyes glisten with promise and love and his inner joy that he has gifted the world with. His gentle tenderness is profound and unerring even as he scales the highest metaphorical mountains. He is no longer our infant son he has become our little boy. He is robust.

This post is me once again laying myself at your feet and humbly asking all those of you who have followed his journey to please get behind him today. He has another MRI. He has pulled some miracles out of his hat over the last few weeks. From nearly being sent home to die to the tumour possibly and miraculously getting even smaller without the chemo to his spinal cancer possibly taking off. There is a lot riding on today.  We are in limbo today waiting to find out if we are approaching end stage or if we are able to keep on making wishes come true. (Melbourne you are in our sights!)

We are tired and we still need to wrap him up in goodness. Today any love, positivity, hope, sunshine, good vibrations, joy, belief you could send Bede’s way are really needed. Our gratitude to each of you runs deep.

29 thoughts on “moving mountains

  1. Have been wondering how superman is doing. Sending you a universe full of light & Hope for your MRI gorgeous boy. Xxxx

  2. Positive thoughts and lots of virtual hugs streaming your way today…..go team Bede!
    Thank you for the update, I love seeing Bede’s adorable smile. May the power of many, strengthen you.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you…….Bede you are such a strong boy and have shown us you Iove life, hang on there buddy …sending positive energy and prayers your way xxxx

  4. Sending all my love, prayers and positive thoughts to you all. C’mon little man, your beautiful light is shining so bright I can see it all the way over here Xoxoxo

  5. Good luck brave beautiful boy!
    The world has thrown you some huge tasks to over come at such a young age! But you are fighting like a trooper and it’s so true what they say “the biggest hero’s come in the littlest of forms”
    Soldier on baby!

  6. pouring all my love and prayers for this darling sweet little hero. May our Lord watch over you and keep you safe and make you well. love from Marie.

  7. Go Bede, go! I have a good feeling for the MRI and hopefully Max won’t have to wait long for a little play date! We are in tomorrow, until then we are sending all or love and wrap you all up in positive vibes.

  8. What an amazing smile to start off your post. Such a gorgeous little guy

    Sending all my positive thoughts to you for the mri – if anyone can continue to defy the odds, Bede is the one to do it. Much love to you all xx

  9. Your family and your strong boy Bede are in my thoughts tonight. We are 100% behind him here and we send loving, healing and positive thoughts your way.

  10. All the love, support, prayers and best wishes are coming your way.
    You, Bede, your family is amazing and if anyone can do this… Your amazing lil man can.
    Go Bede and continue to defy science and bloom xxxx
    Thank you for your continued strength and inspiration xxx

  11. Bede you beautiful, strong, happy, wonderful boy, I’m sending you all my love, strength and positive thoughts. Your mummy and daddy are amazing people and you are an amazing boy. Lots of hugs and kisses to you xxxxxx

  12. Your such an inspiration little man your strength and courage gets you over the line every time thinking of you all and hope for a positive outcome xxx

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