we need you…

My heart bleeds with love and hope and the gentle strength that bede embodies. We are about to head into surgery for Bede who now has a perforated bowel which is threatening his life after an acute deterioration over night. We have just found out in the last 15 minutes and I’m taking this moment to recruit whatever you’ve got to give. Please if you have love hope soul meditation vibes care please take a moment and send it his way.

He is worth it and he is fighting.
During his deterioration this morning he stopped and tried to smile to let us know he was still there. He’s a gently persistent smiley fighter.
His doctors are backing him.
We’re backing him.
His nurses are backing him
we would really like you to to.
Thank you.

44 thoughts on “we need you…

  1. C’mon little man!!! No one can do this like you can. You are the toughest baby around-sending you oodles of positive thoughts & strength beautiful boy xxx

  2. Dear Bede, You are a fighter and we love you!

    We are all praying for you!

    “Under His Wings Shall I Trust” Psalm 9:14

    God Loves you and your parents and extended family / friends and so do we at Dr. Mohan’s rooms.

    Take care & God Bless!

    With Lots of Love & Best wishes,


    Dr. Mohan Swaminathan

  3. Closing my door, and off to pray for Bede. I have faith, keep the faith too. He’s going to be ok…God has got this!

  4. We are sending positive thoughts and prayers Bedes way xx I think about him all the time, he is such a beautiful little soul.

  5. You can do it Bede! You have shown so much light and strength, you are one amazing little boy! Will be keeping you all in my thoughts xo

  6. Backing him today, tomorrow and for as long as he needs it….thoughts are with you all. I don’t know your family but have been following this amazing little man’s story. Will be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way x

  7. Ok Bede, you have a lot of avid supporters behind you and your family. This is just another curved ball, one that you can yet again catch. Lots if Love from the McKeating Girls xo (in memory of Shaun McKeating)

  8. Of course we are backing him also…. Bede lil man the world is watching, supporting and sending you all the strength and love we can.
    Take what you need from us and continue to amaze.
    Love, cuddles, mooches are all being sent to you xxxx

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