Junk in his trunk!

Take that cancer! Take that Diancephalic Syndrome!
Bede broke 6kgs today.
This is the most he has ever weighed, by a LOT!

I remember when it felt like we lived and died by his weights. This doesn’t feel like as big a win as it once would have, because lets face it he still has cancer, but it is still massive.
He is getting some reserves in stock which is important before we start chemo.

It’s awesome news and an awesome mother’s day present.
Once again our little bundle of love and peace and solace is quietly and determinedly exceeding expectations.

7 thoughts on “Junk in his trunk!

  1. That’s awesome news Isabella .I’m so happy for you all .he’s a fighter , with so much love around him every think is gonna be ok.god bless him Xx.Neusa & family…

  2. weight to go
    is the way to go
    Bede holds the court
    With all the support
    He will win the day
    Lenie and Terry Farrell

  3. Bede what a fantastic little fighter you are. Putting on weight, yay, fighting infection, yay and starting treatment, yay. Way to go. We send all loving positive prayers to you, mum, dad and gus. Keep it up gorgeous boy. Lots of love tosca michael and all yr big and little cousins xox

  4. Dear Bede,
    Your are a gorgeous little boy with a bright smile. Keep going this way! We send you lots of positive energies and love!

    Lucie, Claire-Lise, Michel and family

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