I want to be your earth.


issy and B

I want to be your earth so no matter what happens gravity will always bring you back to me.

I want to be your foundation, the ground upon which you build.

The dirt from which all the colours of your flowers bloom.
I want to be your earth so my valleys bring you far back from the edge and my mountains let you reach your potential.

Let you relax in my shade.


I want to be your earth.
So my sweetness can balance out life’s bitterness and the coolness of my seas will take the sting out of your pain and wash life clean.

I want to be your earth.

I want to be your earth, tie your feet to the ground and never set you free.

But deep down I’m not sure you exist for earth. If I’m your earth I’m scared that means you won’t always be with me.

So let’s be each other’s song and together we can dance on the breeze. Let’s be each other’s breeze to carry us all the way home to you and me. Lets be each others light so in the darkness we can both see.

But really I just want to be your earth so gravity will always hold you close to me.


I love you Bede.