I want to be your earth.


issy and B

I want to be your earth so no matter what happens gravity will always bring you back to me.

I want to be your foundation, the ground upon which you build.

The dirt from which all the colours of your flowers bloom.
I want to be your earth so my valleys bring you far back from the edge and my mountains let you reach your potential.

Let you relax in my shade.


I want to be your earth.
So my sweetness can balance out life’s bitterness and the coolness of my seas will take the sting out of your pain and wash life clean.

I want to be your earth.

I want to be your earth, tie your feet to the ground and never set you free.

But deep down I’m not sure you exist for earth. If I’m your earth I’m scared that means you won’t always be with me.

So let’s be each other’s song and together we can dance on the breeze. Let’s be each other’s breeze to carry us all the way home to you and me. Lets be each others light so in the darkness we can both see.

But really I just want to be your earth so gravity will always hold you close to me.


I love you Bede.

24 thoughts on “I want to be your earth.

  1. Beautifully written,my thoughts and prayers are with you all… This is the first time I have read this blog and I’m
    So glad I have! What a beautiful boy and such a loving family you all are.I know from personal experience that when you sit in the room with the doctors Nothing can ever prepare you to hear those words,your whole life gets turned upside down in a moment.my son got diagnosed with leukemia in June,we are one of the lucky ones as we caught it early and his recovery rate is high…but I have a small inkling into what you must be going through.here is this beautiful baby you are meant protect and nuture and then this horrible thing happens and you feel useless,all you want is to make the pain and hurt go away and to have your healthy boy back….I just want to tell you that you are amazing! Not even the slightest bit of useless (though I know at times you feel it) , you are his light and your smile his hope,the same as he is for you.some days will be harder then others but cherish everyone of them,and keep those memories close to your heart because no matter what you will always have those shared times together and he will continue to be the light in your heart.sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way xxx

  2. What can I say to my beautiful daughter save that you are one exceptional woman, I am so blessed with my children as you are with yours.
    Nonna, aka Maryellen

  3. Oh my goodness. How very beautiful…your words, your picture…and your beautiful Bede just moved me beyond words! Love and prayers xxx

  4. I have just read this allowed to the Lambie family 😊 who are all here in Scotland following team bede. 💙 Love you bedo 💙

  5. A mother’s love is eternally there. Such a touching post as always.

    Thinking of you all – sending strength, love, light and positivity. Xxx

  6. I only met you briefly but I think of you often. You will always be my example of what it is to be gracious. Your little man truly is mighty. Love and respect goes to him from us xxxx

  7. Hello, I have been following the Bede update for some time & my heart goes out to you. I am an exnurse, I became a nurse after watching my sister’s struggle with ill health all through my childhood & adolescence. 18 years ago I decided to make a change & went to University to study photography & that’s my gig now. You have some lovely images & may well already have a friend who is a photographer but I just wanted to offer my services to you free of charge. If you’d like to do a photo shoot sometime I would be very happy to oblige, just shoot me an email or contact me through my website.
    Best wishes always,
    Jules x

  8. Mumma,the Angels are there,and i can see his beautiful face smiling to the sun,they are holding him in there wings.Please try to find comfort in knowing his reason for being,for coming to you with such a battle,how much the struggle has taught and strengthened you as a person and family you are surrounded,literally flooded with love the well of mother’s love and strength will not run dry.I send you all lovexxx and to you Bede the beautiful and brave your spirit is pure joy bless you xxx

  9. My heart is completely broken for you all…. I think about what it would feel like to hear that diagnosis, how it would rock my world and shatter it into pieces. How it would change me forever as a mother, how would I cope. How would we all cope? I wish I could change it for you, somehow make it easier… but I know as a mother who is blessed to have a child who has spent many nights in 3B at PMH that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my beautiful boy. Noone can care for our children like us, our paths met to change us, everyone around us. Your bede sure is special and has changed me, softened my soul, opened my eyes and filled me with hope and strength… and I haven’t even had the blessing of meeting him! My prayers will be to you all tonight and always x

  10. Issy, Roy, Gus,Bede and Cressy……sending all our love, courage and strength your way. Always in our thoughts and prayers..XXXX

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