What a dance you have danced Blake-osaurus.



Somebody asked me how my dear friend Blake died. He died how he lived.
Loving and loved, fighting and fought for, beautifully and surrounded by love.

Blake’s mum was generous enough to call me just a few hours after it had happened to let me know. After hanging up I cried and wailed and the louder I cried the louder Bede laughed as though sending his friend on his way with the same brand of unrelenting joy Blake had gifted the world with.

Blake’s was a life well lived. He is a boy who transcends earthly labels like age or time. He made soul connections.He inspired the sun to shine.

One night I was privileged enough to have Blake call me in tears. Wanting to see me. I promised him if he needed anything he could call me and now he was reminding me of that promise and holding me to it. He said “Issy it’s not working without you” I asked him what wasn’t working and he said “tonight, tonight Issy it’s not working without you”

Well Blake I want to say now you’re gone that the world isn’t working without you but we both know that’s not true. Your magic and your life and your gifts are bigger than death. I want to say the world is less bright and beautiful but your magic is not fleeting you have permanently made the world a more beautiful place.
Your love and your life will resonate always.
But darling boy as I focus on your mate, Bede, my heart is having trouble working without you.

Francine, my grief runs deep. Your beautiful boy embedded himself on my being. He changed me. Like so many I came to love him so deeply. The thought of him placing his little hand on my own and saying “I love you Issy” will comfort me. I hope in time the fact he was loved so deeply and changed so many people will come to comfort you.

Francine, we are all here behind you, Roy and I, the 3B mums who have been on this journey with you – all of us. Trying to sure you up with our love but I know, as you have so many times before, you will find the strength you need within your own self. You are the strongest woman I know. You are an example to the rest of us. Going forward Christian is lucky to have you as his mum and so of course is Blake.

Thank you for allowing me to love your son especially during such an intensely personal time. It has been a gift an honour and a privilege.


Blake thank you for singing and dancing and beat boxing, taking a break and for making the world more fabulous. Thank you for dropping by to say ‘hi’ to ‘baby Bede’. You are so clever and so loving and at times brutally honest. Your beautiful gift of making each person feel as though they were special was nourishing.

Buddy you conquered cancer. You dominated. You lived and you loved and you died on your own terms never defined by those pesky ‘lumps’.
For the last few months when I saw Blake I would hold and rock him and tell him it would be ok and he would tell me he loved me.
Blake it’s finally all ok.

This photo os taken from Blake's Facebook page Wishes for Blake.

Blake Charles Stuart Dingsdale




    This post is made with Blake’s mum’s blessing.
A bede update will follow soon. I just realised how long it has been between posts and Bede is doing so well.
Blake has been such a large and happy part of Bede’s journey it was imperative we acknowledge his life and his passing.


9 thoughts on “What a dance you have danced Blake-osaurus.

  1. Issy

    So beautiful. The Angels will have gathered to welcome Blake to their special Playground. I can just see Harvey and Blake trying out their dance steps together.

    Happy to hear that Bede is doing well.

    Big hugs.

    T xxxx

    Trudy Bostock from my IPad 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘


  2. So saddened by this news. I have never had the privilege of meeting Blake but he sounds like a truly magnificent, brave soul. Sending love and prayers to his family and friends ♥

  3. What joy the Bede family have brought so many, including Blake, and of course, the Koala family. My heart goes out to Francine. Glad to hear Bede is going well. I got to see his luscious locks this week!

  4. You have written so beautifully about your little friend. He sounds like the most incredible, beautiful boy.
    Sleep peacefully darling Blake.
    Sending love and strength to his family ❤

  5. Issy, your words always inspire me. Blake is truly an angel. He was disguised as a mere mortal to remind us all of the truth of his love. Francine embraced the joy of him every day and it has been a sight to behold, even the small glimpses I was gifted with. I hope and trust that she and Christian will be buoyed be the love and support from all of us now and always. My love to all of the 3B families (past, present and future) xxx

  6. Blake, what a precious little boy. Our heartfelt thoughts and love go out to his family and also to you Issy.

  7. What a remarkable group of parents the 3B ward is blessed with. We have a friend from Margaret River up there fighting, and I feel hopeful knowing they are surrounded by love and strength. Blessings to the amazing Mother of Blake, and as always Awesome Vibes to Bede & family!

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