Another MRI day

It’s MRI day here today for our beautiful snuggle bug.


So we’re asking all of Team Bede…

do you have a little love to spare?

Hope, prayers, light, love all received with the deepest gratitude.

There’s too much to lose to start going backwards now.


We have so much news to update you with I’ve just been trying to find time where my hands aren’t full!

10 thoughts on “Another MRI day

  1. Dear Isabella, Roy, Gus & Bede
    Sending you all the Love, Light, Hope, Good Vibes and Positive Thoughts today and every day

    May good health continue to come your way Bede… Xxxx

  2. Baby Bede mighty warrior, we always have a special prayer for you and your family…..behind every cloud the sun does shine……sending our love and thoughts.

  3. Sending love and positive thoughts. Have been checking reguarly for an update. Thinking of you all. Love Sar in Como x

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