Half way through and the triumph is his.

It has been an incredibly difficult few weeks, some of our worst in fact but in this moment Bede is defiant and triumphant. He shines, purposefully and hopefully.

Bede’s happy soul and his inherent light are irrepressible. He bubbles and the delight he is taking in the world is contagious and full. He is cheerful.  His coos are high and happy. He laughs freely now. A breathy chirpy chuckle. His happiness comes with a new found ease and he draws us all in. We are taken and my god we are happy.

I am working on a post to update you on the last few weeks but it is difficult. A lot has happened and it has been taxing. I don’t think it is too dramatic to say we could have lost him and yet here he is now displaying his joy and resilience in all their glory. Bede is triumphant.

I just wanted to make sure I took this moment to mark Bede being halfway through his treatment. To that aim I’m posting the slideshow I referenced in my last post.

Here is Bede, putting one foot in front of the other and quietly, diligently, purposefully, happily, joyfully kicking cancer’s ass. Here is Bede bringing light and love and wonder to all those around him.  Here is Bede facing a rare brain cancer and doing it with grace. Here is Bede, take note he won’t be here long and he is magnificent.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for seeing our beautiful Bede.

Thank you for wrapping him up in your love.

Thank you for empowering him to be known to the world by sharing his story.

My gratitude to you all runs deep.

If you want the music make sure you turn on the sound.
Please don’t forget to follow the blog so next time we need a mini miracle we can call on your positivity to help carry him through. There should be a little grey box at the bottom of your computer screen that says ‘follow’, its that easy,

36 thoughts on “Half way through and the triumph is his.

  1. Bless you all Is, thankyou for sharing these precious photos. I love the photos of Gus and Bede. Bede is always in our thoughts, please give him a BIG hug from us and one to Gus for being an awesome big brother xx

  2. What a beautiful slideshow….thank you. I’m in awe of Bede’s fight and strength. I pray every day for Bede….May god bless x

  3. Lizzy, what an amazing slide show of Bede and the amazing soul he is! much love to your gorgeous family. I pray everyday for Bede. Your a super  Bede. Xx

  4. Hi Isabella, thank you so much for sharing the slideshow. Even though I cried through the entire thing it was mainly tears of joy at seeing him grow and change and fight with such beauty and grace. His smile is amazing! It brought back many memories of Ethan’s treatment, good and bad. I’ll never hear that song again without thinking of Bede 🙂 We briefly stopped into the ward on Friday and I was thinking of you guys, I wanted to see if you were there but I had my three munchkins with me and they have had colds recently and I wasn’t sure if Bede was neutropenic. And of course I didn’t want to take even the slightest risk. We wish you guys lots of smiles, love and happiness xoxoxox

  5. I have no words to say how much I want for Bede to have a long & happy life. It fills my every being to read how much u r filling his life with everything beautiful in this world & the love that everyone has for him is so very wonderful. Tears of love & sadness flow every time I read ur blog, Bede is amazing! Isabelle it was hard to read when u said he won’t be here long as it just not fair, if I could give u anything in this word it would be for a miracle for ur beautiful son Bede to be free of cancer so u have him always and he can live free of pain and be happy in life and love. He is loved! I find u to be an amazing family who shine with love & hope & life❤️ Thank you so much for sharing Bede with us❤️

  6. He is just so full of light and life! What a journey he has travelled, he has the most beautiful family holding him close and his light shines through it all! Much love to you all xx

  7. Stay strong beautiful Bede, Isabella and family! I may not be a part of Jan13 group anymore but always thinking of you and Bede! Lots of love and light!. Xxx

    Love the slide show, gorgeous. X

  8. Thanks for sharing, beautiful pics xxx

    My heart breaks for you all. I hope our little giants get to reach their milestones together for some time yet xx

  9. Love, light and strength to you all. You are an amazing family and those two boys of yours are just gorgeous. May you enjoy the good times and I hope Bede is comfortable and happy. He sure is showing inspirational fortitude, as are you all. My love and heart goes to you all. He is remarkable. You are all remarkable. Thank you for sharing your little men. x

  10. What a courageous champion Bede is. Such a brave, and heart-breakingly beautiful little fella. I continue to send love and prayers to Bede and his loving family xxx

  11. I just wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of Bede and you all. There hasn’t been an update for a while, so I really hope that things are going ok.
    Hugs from Bridget (and Pete)

  12. Oh, Bede really is the most heart-breakingly beautiful little boy, isn’t he, Kate? Actually, both boys are, and the pictures of Bede with Gus absolutely melted my heart – what an incredible big brother your big boy is, Isabella and Roy. Thank you for sharing your beautiful slideshow – it was heart-wrenching and real yet shows such unwavering love, joy, beauty, resilience, fortitude, happiness and the most incredibly abundant smiles from darling Bede from the very beginning and throughout the journey he is travelling. I so hope that you are all going OK? You are in my thoughts and prayers. xx

  13. We are always here for u all. We are so proud of u all and especially of the fight Bede has put up. He is so special and as you said Gus and Bede are ” the worlds best brothers” xxx Bryant’s

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