joy! oh joy! oh joy! She’s here!

Well I’ve had a bit of a break from the blog.


These photos were taken when Cress was just one or two weeks old. Roy and I especially love this one it seems to capture how there is always something going on.

Mainly because my hands are literally full more often than not. So even when it’s possible to think it’s impossible to type.

In fact most days I draft a blog in my head but the further it goes between posts the more overwhelming the job of catching up becomes.
Most people that meet us comment “wow you’re hands are so full!” and I reply with pride “not as full as our hearts”.

For now I want to share Bede’s biggest news, our greatest joy, the reason we’ve been so busy. cress blog3 Our beautiful Bede has become a big brother and our family has grown into itself. cress blog Our beautiful unexpected blessing has arrived and put light to any darkness. I remember praying Bede would remain with us long enough to meet his sister and now here they both are babbling away to one another… reaching out to meet one another… loving one another as easily and as instantly as only siblings can. We are consumed by the colourful, loving, chaos of family life.DF_145 Bede is a loving brother, he learns from the best. Gus remains a shining star and a beautiful example of how to be a wonderful big brother. At times Bede is even instinctually gentle with his sister. Anyone who knows Bede and his brand of enthusiastic, excited movement will now how incredible this is. DF_141I still remember the moment Roy lifted our daughter onto my chest for the first time. The air was thick with love, joy, happiness and I was completely overcome with the deep gratitude. Even then I was underestimating just how happy we would be.
We delight in her everything, the way her hair stands on end, the sparkle in her eye, even her burps. Cress doesn’t smile, she grins. She has completely captured us.

Cressida Joy Margaret arrived in April and has been reinventing our world ever since. cress blog 2 cress blog1

28 thoughts on “joy! oh joy! oh joy! She’s here!

  1. Just beautiful. So happy for you all. Love the family photos, and especially the ones of Bede and his little sister! Just priceless xx

  2. Oh JOY indeed!!!!! Congratulations – BEDE you are my hero!!! And a beautiful big bro indeed!!! And Gus is equally as beautiful and what a joy for him to now have 2 little ones to adore. He is amazing.
    Issy and Roy- I know you only from this blog and I tear up to see such joy for 2 people stronger than anyone I know.
    Welcome to the world Cressida – may you grow big wings and soar through life. You are a lucky little person to be born into this gorgeous family . Well done guys !!!

  3. Welcome to the world Cressida. You have joined the most amazing family. You are bathing in the warm light of your two beautiful brothers Gus and Bede and I am sure you will worship their every step!

    May good health keep you all safe. Enjoy this exciting and busy time!
    Love, Light and good vibes being sent your way xxx

  4. My warmest congratulations to you all!! She is simply gorgeous and I know will be smothered with love from you all- especially big brothers Bede and Gus xo sending cyber hugs to you all, and foot tickles just for Bede xoxoxo

  5. Congratulations! What beautiful news to wake up to this morning. Your family is truly magnificent. Congratulations Gus and Bede on being gorgeous big brothers and lucky Cressida to have been blessed with such a wonderful family. Continue to shine on.
    Much love ,
    The Andersons xxx

  6. This post fills me with the most overwhelming Joy,
    I am soooo so so happy for you and your Family Is, congrats on the new arrival. She is absolutely beautiful.
    all the best,

  7. A huge congratulations on little Cressida’s safe arrival and thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. Those of her and Bede and just too precious xx

  8. My heart sings for you and your lovely family!



    Trudy Bostock from my IPad 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘


  9. I was at the shops today where I work and was watching a young dad manage a double pram AND carry the groceries. I watched him as I began to walk past and thought to myself gee you are doing pretty good mate. As I walked by the pram my eyes were drawn to a little boys face, one of which I instantly knew. It was the beautiful famous bede of which i only know through this blog & friends of friends. As I realised it was him he let out the most joyous shriek. Definately not at me, but just let it out into the world. I didnt stop smiling for the rest of the day. Sending lots of good vibes your way lil man & congrats to all of you on the arrival of cress, another precious bundle of love.

    • Wow Nikki! What a beautiful comment. Youve made our night. Bede loves a good shriek. Definitely say Hi next time if you feel like it, they’re our local shops now we’ve moved. 🙂

  10. Izzy and Roy, congratulations on the amazing blessing of Cress! Just beautiful news for you all to share! Needed a little Bede fix and keep thinking I would get to be blessed to be around for the birth. Hope it all went well Izzy. In my thoughts love Hayley (midwife at St John’s) and my Angel on earth Gabriel x

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